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This is just one possible workflow to consider. Follow the tracks and click the stations for context and sources of help.

All good projects start with a good research question. What is your question asking?
Time is precious, so it's a good idea to put some plans into place.
An essay needs structure. It's time to get to grips with the conventions of academic writing.
You need to develop your essay, employing critical writing skills to forward your argument.
It's important to conduct your search in the right places. Your research question will determine the sources you need to search. Find out about the sources of information that are best for your topic:
It's important to think critically at every stage of the process.
Take notes that will be useful to you and that will help you when you need them.
If you don't like the look of your results, maybe you need to look again at your plan, the places you searched, and how you broke down your research question.
Now it's time to put your plans into practice:
Pick out the essential parts of your question and consider how you might use them to retrieve the information you need:
Hopefully your search has produced some results, but are they any good? You'll have to evaluate the qualities of what you've retrieved:
If you're happy with your results, that's great, but people are constantly adding to the literature. Set up alerts to be informed of new results matching your terms.
Keep track of what you've found. It doesn't matter how you do it -- whatever works best for you. But reference management software might help.
It's important to take a critical approach to your reading, and question what an author is saying.
  • Analyse\nyour question
  • Plan your\napproach
  • Select\nyour sources
  • Break down\nyour question
  • Conduct\nyour search
  • If not right...
  • Keep\nup-to-date
  • Select &\nevaluate
  • Reference\nmanagement
  • Critical\nreading
  • Note-taking
  • Critical thinking
  • Structure\nyour response
  • Critical\nwriting