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On this page you'll find guidance on how to use the equipment in the YorCreate digital lab. YorCreate is available to all members of the University. For details on how to get access, see the YorCreate webpage:

3D printing

In this box we've collated links to all of our guidance on how to use the 3D printers in YorCreate.

Remember that you'll need to book the printer you want to use: You'll find the link to the booking system in your "YorCreate access granted" email, and on the poster by the printers. You can also book via the QR codes on the printers themselves.

Take a look at our 3D printing 101 video, which covers some help on getting started and how 3D printers work:

Detailed guidance

Other useful resources

Dissolvable PVA supports

In YorCreate, the Ultimaker printer U002 has been set up so you can print with one colour of PLA in print core 1 and dissolvable PVA supports in print core 2. This means that you can print models that need supports to print successfully and then dissolve away those supports rather than cutting them away (as you would need to do if the supports are printed using PLA as well as the model).

The PVA supports dissolve in cold water. You can do this by putting your model in any container of water, or you can use the specific PVA removal station we have available in YorCreate, which can speed up the process somewhat. See our walkthrough for how to use the PVA removal station if you're new to using it:

Digital cutting

Digital cutters allow you to create digital designs on a computer and then have the machine cut out that design on your material of choice, like card, vinyl, and iron-on transfers. These creations can then be added to other things, for example adding a vinyl transfer to a mug or an iron-on transfer to material like a t-shirt. This makes digital cutters a great way to be able to make more complex custom objects without needing to create the whole thing from scratch, and also an effective way of turning digital art and design into something physical.

A Cricut Maker 3 digital cutter which is a long white rectangle with some tools sat in the side.
A digital cutter, a Cricut Maker 3, in the YorCreate makerspace at the University of York.

You can cut out text, images, and patterns, making it a versatile way to turn digital designs into physical things. They are also a great way for people interested in crafting to explore the world of digital image creation.

Vinyl with the word YorCreate cut out of it
An example of a vinyl sticker created with a digital cutter.

For anyone at the University of York, there is a Cricut Maker 3 in YorCreate, the makerspace in the Library, which you can use once you've had a YorCreate induction (which also covers 3D printing and the space in general).

Other equipment

There's a range of stationery and tools in the YorCreate lab. For information on how to use these safely, pay close attention to our safety documentation:

Forthcoming training sessions

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