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A practical guide to presentations


A look at designing and delivering presentations, in person and online.

A practical guide to presentations

Presentations are a part of academic and professional life. Be you disseminating research, teaching, or applying for a job, chances are you'll be asked to deliver a presentation at some point. In this guide we'll take an in-depth look at the technological aspects of delivering a presentation, including software choice, slide design, accessibility, and online presentation methods.


Footers, Headers, Layouts, Page numbers, Slide Master

Font choice, Font size, Paragraph attributes, Reading order, Selection pane, Shape effects, Shape fill, Shape outline, Shapes, Text attributes, Text boxes, Text margins, Text positioning, WordArt

Gradient fill, Picture or texture fill, Solid fill

Artistic effects, Compression, Cropping, Inserting, Picture effects, Repositioning, Resizing, Resolution, Transparency

Copyright, Creative Commons

Diagram tool, Drawing tools, File types, Importing, SmartArt

Animation pane, Basic animation, Effects options, Morph transition, Re-ordering, Start conditions

Inserting, Live captions, Playing, Screen recording, Slide narration, Subtitles

Audience Q&A, Custom shows, Export options, Keyboard shortcuts, Live captions, Presenter view


Exercises and associated files can be found at:

Google Slides

The Google Slides in that folder are shared as 'view only'. In each case you will need to make copies of the files in order to edit them. So long as you're signed into a Google account, just open each file and go to File > Make a copy


You can download the whole folder in Google Drive as a zip file: right click on the folder name in Google Drive and select Download. Once unzipped, the files in the downloaded folder will be in PowerPoint and Word format.

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