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Digital skills training

On this page you'll find information about our skills training events, as well as links to other training offered by the Library & IT Services, and the Academic Skills Community...

Forthcoming training sessions

Digital skills training

& Academic Skills Community workshops

We run a number of skills training sessions each term.
Digital skills training sessions and Digital Wednesdays are open to all members of the University. Other Academic Skills Community sessions may be limited to students only.

To book onto a session, follow its link below (you'll need to log in to the booking system). If a session you're interested in is full, sign up onto the waiting list — if we have enough interest in a session we may repeat it. You'll also find copies of our slides throughout the Skills Guides.

Next skills sessions:

Show details & booking for all sessions

Other sessions:

We also run a number of specialised training sessions for staff and research postgraduates:

Training sessions for postgraduate research students and staff

The Open Research team offer training to postgraduate research students and staff through the Research Excellence Training programme.

To book a session go to the: LMS - Staff or SkillsForge - Research Postgraduates (login required)

We are here to help you. Contact the team for: 

  • 1-1 support: email us with your enquiry or to arrange a session (online) to discuss your individual needs
  • Training in departments: get in touch and we can organise a training session (online) for your department, staff and/or research students
  • Email us:
Digital skills training

We have a broad range of content as part of our digital skills training programme, but each term we aim to include the following eight core sessions:

Follow the links above for more help on the topic and to see if any forthcoming sessions have been scheduled.

Digital Wednesdays

Digital Wednesdays are a range of sessions on various themes outside of our core selection of training. They may have a specialist focus, or they may just be plain out there! The only essential is that they're on a topic that's remotely digital.

Digital Wednesdays: Digital tools for research

For Digital Wednesdays this term, we are running a series of sessions with a focus on research and the digital tools that can help you with dissertations and theses.

From gathering and visualising data to communicating your findings, these sessions will look at how digital applications can help you with different stages of the research process, regardless of discipline or level. You'll find them all on the training list under the Digital Wednesdays banner.

Further advice and resources from the sessions and beyond can be found on our Practical Guide to digital tools for research.

Academic Skills Community

The Academic Skills Community is the University of York approach to learning and communication support designed to help you advance your academic, language and interpersonal abilities.

Academic Skills Community workshops take place regularly as informal face-to-face or online sessions.

Digital Wellbeing: a free online course
Digital Wellbeing
a free online course
Digital Wednesdays