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Essential Apps Script: a Practical Guide

Essential Apps Script

Essential Apps Script: a Practical Guide

Google Apps Script is a coding language that allows you to automate and connect together Google apps, like Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Forms. It is based on JavaScript, a web scripting language, but contains features specific to each of the Google apps.

Welcome to the course

Welcome to the Essential Apps Script course. This guide is designed so you can work through an introductory course in Google Apps Script, designed so you do not need any knowledge of coding to get started.

If you are new to Apps Script, we recommend you work through each page of this guide, reading the guidance, watching the videos and having a go coding along with them. Each page concludes with a project that you should have a go at before moving on to the next page.

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If you're already working through this course, you can use this to jump to the next part. You can also use this if you're looking for specific guidance on an area covered in the course.

Numbers, strings (text), arrays, other things stored in variables

Getting spreadsheet files, sheets, the active cell, a range of cells

Appending rows, setting values, deleting data, formatted links

Getting files and folders by ID, copying a file

Opening documents, getting the body, appending text, replacing text

Setting a new trigger, editing or deleting triggers

Getting and using the event values, setting the form submit trigger

Sending emails with MailApp, constructing an email body

Setting permissions, removing permissions

Creating new dates, formatting dates, getting and setting dates and times, creating Google Calendar events

This guide was created by the Digital Inclusion, Skills, and Creativity team in Library, Archives and Learning Services at the University of York. If you have any feedback about the course/guide, you can fill out our one question feedback form.