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Google Workspace: a Practical Guide

Google Workspace

Google Workspace: a Practical Guide

The Google logo being attacked by a goose in such a way that it might actually spell GOOSE rather than GOOGLE

Google Workspace is a collection of cloud-computing applications made by Google. The University of York has its own enhanced Google Workspace for Education domain which you can sign into with your email address. There you'll find various essentials of University life such as Gmail, Google Calendar, and our cloud storage space: Google Drive. You'll also have access to a range of other Google Apps. Let's take a look...

This guide has been designed so you can work through the whole guide as an overview of Google Workspace. If you're new to using it or want to brush up your skills, you can read through each page and try out the suggested exercises you'll find on each page.

You can also browse relevant pages when you want to learn more about specific apps within Google Workspace, as needed.

If you're at the University of York and you have questions about using any element of Google Workspace, get in touch with IT Support.

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