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IT Essentials



This is a guide to using IT at the University of York. We've organised the guide so you can work through the content at your own pace via the menu below (and tabs at the top) or you can simply access the content whenever you need it. The sections of this guide are organised in no particular order however we recommend you begin with Getting Started.

  • Signing in
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Email and calendar
  • Printing
  • Working on different devices
  • What is an Operating System?
  • Software
  • File types
  • Default applications
  • Working with images
  • Getting online
  • Browser essentials
  • Searching online
  • Communication and social media
  • Saving and downloading
  • What is the cloud?
  • Backing up your files

Google Workspace

Google icon

Need help with all things Google? Find information on email, Calendar, Drive, and working collaboratively here.

Microsoft Office

Office logo

Never taken much time to figure what Word, Excel or PowerPoint can actually do? Here we have guidance on Microsoft Office.


You can access a range of IT-related training at the University which can help you further your knowledge and gain new skills.

Digital skills training

Information on digital training events on a variety of topics, open to all members of the University.

University of York learning management system

Browse and book courses for staff.

IT Support

If you need any help or advice with IT-related issues, or have any questions about anything you've read in this guide, you can contact IT Support.

How to contact IT Support