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Text processing

Creating documents: a Practical Guide

Our Creating documents: a Practical Guide site provides in-depth help, instructions, and exercises, for creating documents using Microsoft Word and Google Docs. It covers the key steps for setting up, using styles, formatting and reviewing content in your document:

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Text processors

Microsoft Word

Word is part of Microsoft Office 365, which you can get for your own computer, or the older Microsoft Office software (on University computers). 

  • you've probably used it before
  • lots of functionality
  • you can create accessible PDFs of your work
  • hard to work on different computers or devices
  • need to keep a backup in case your computer breaks
  • can be difficult to use for group work

Google Docs

Google Docs is part of Google Workspace that you can access with your UoY account. It's a browser-based cloud tool, so you don't need to download anything and files are stored on the cloud instead of your device (though you can download a desktop version).

  • easily work on any computer or device
  • organise files in Google Drive
  • you won't lose your work if your computer breaks
  • easily download in various formats
  • great for group work
  • more limited functionality compared to Microsoft Word
  • working with images or diagrams can be tricky