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Academic writing: a practical guide

Academic writing

Academic writing: a Practical Guide

Resources to support understanding and production of academic writing. For all students, in all degree programmes.

Academic writing

Academic Writing is central to almost all degree programmes. However, it's very different to other types of writing, so it's a skill that has to be learnt. Becoming good at academic writing can be a challenge for all!

This guide contains resources to help you develop the skills and abilities needed to become a confident and successful academic writer.

Writing Centre

The Writing Centre offers 1:1 advice and guidance to all students to develop your academic writing and critical analysis skills.

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Guide contents

How to use this Guide

Work through page-by-page for a mini-course in academic writing, or dip in and out of resources as you need them.

You can access pages through the links above, or use this section to explore the contents of each page.

General writing skills

This section helps you develop the skills and abilities required for all types of academic writing.

Types of academic writing

This section explores the main types of academic writing in detail, including their purpose, structure, writing style and more.

Each degree programme has a unique mixture of assessment types; the pages below offer a generic introduction to and exploration of each. 

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