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Working remotely


What is 'working remotely'?

Remote working takes many forms. It might be working from home or it might be bringing together people from multiple locations for a virtual meeting or classroom. On this page we'll take a look at some useful tools.

When you're at home, remember to take regular breaks and work appropriate hours; prioritise your own wellbeing.

Communications tools

It's good to talk... And these days there's plenty of ways by which we might communicate. Here's some links to specific guides:

Collaborative tools

Working remotely isn't just about video conferencing and email. You can do a lot just by using collaborative documents like Google Docs, Sheets and Slides.

Using (and sharing) our online resources

If you're looking for further guidance on using digital tools when working remotely (or on campus), these Skills Guides are the place to look! Not only do they cover content on digital, information, and academic skills, but they can also be shared with students and colleagues, by linking to pages or embedding pages or specific boxes (like this one!) on a VLE site or other webpage.

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