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What is Mailjet?

Mailjet is the ideal tool for building engaging emails and managing many contacts in a way which is compliant with GDPR. You can monitor the results of your emails and test different methods in order to optimize your methods. This tool is not for internal comms, but is used when emailing a large number of people across external groups or involving many students. 

Emails often go ignored, no matter how pretty they are. So make sure to consider which method will be most effective at communicating your information.

Consider also how to ensure your emails are fully accessible and can be recognised by assistive technologies, like screen readers. See our guide below for handy tips on how to also ensure your emails are fully accessible.

A starter's Guide to Mailjet

Just getting to grips with Mailjet? This might help point you in the right direction.

Mailjet Mastery

Happy with the basics? Let's explore more features Mailjet has to offer.

If you are creating a Subscription Widget to embed on a University of York webpage, see our guide below on how to create a widget in line with university branding.

Why use Mailjet?

Inform and update people regularly and directly

If you want to be able to send attractive, personalised, and tailor-made content directly to a group of people, Mailjet is an excellent tool. Use it to inform people with updates, events, information, and research newsletters; everything will arrive neatly in their inbox at a time scheduled by the sender.

Manage your contacts

Mailjet has reminders and other features which help to check that everything is GDPR compliant. The University has lots of GDPR guidance online, so make sure you’re using subscribers' data appropriately.

All emails must have an option to unsubscribe. Avoid some bother with manually adjusting your contact list when people unsubscribe, and let Mailjet do the work for you! However, if you’re using a spreadsheet to keep track of your contacts, it’s up to you to keep them up-to-date, so unsubscribers aren’t resubscribed accidentally.

Build engaging emails

Build emails that look great in just a few clicks. With Mailjet's email building tool, you can trust that the email will look good and adapt well, regardless of whether the viewer uses a phone screen, tablet, or computer.

You have the choice to invite other people to collaborate with you; there is even an option to do this in real-time, so you can work on the design together with ease.

Keep track through Analytics

The best way to know how successful your emails are is through analytics; Mailjet measures viewer responses and presents them in a convenient, visual way. There's a variety of clear and helpful information available for consideration, so you can determine what is relevant to your needs.

You can also try A/B testing, where you can trial two different email layouts or approaches and send them to different groups, measuring their respective responses. What a handy tool for testing and evaluation...

Lots of help and support

Got stuck? Just want to find new features? As long as you're logged into your account, you can easily find the user guide and support centre using the little '?' in the top right. This help is made by Mailjet specifically for its users, so it won't show up in a Google search; it's the best guide out there!