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Learning Technology - Practical Guide

Other tools

Available resources to assist with students during their time at University.

Other tools

This section gives you an overview of other tools that are available for you to learn online and what you need to get started.


Padlet is digital paper, or a digital noticeboard. Add posts, upload photos or videos, move things around, reply to other students - there's so much you can do with a Padlet!

Your tutors might add Padlets to VLE module sites to organise course materials, as a place for discussion, or a way for you to get feedback on your work.

You can also create your own Padlets for mind-mapping, planning assignments, portfolios, group work and more.

Library tools

Reading Lists

For each module you take, you will find at least one reading list on the Yorkshare VLE. These lists link directly through to YorSearch, helping you to locate print copies, and giving you quick access to any electronic texts. Scanned extracts from library books are also linked where copyright permits.

For help with Reading Lists, please contact


You will need to use the library catalogue, YorSearch, to find books and other resources to support your academic studies.

Reference Management Software

Managing what you find can be difficult, especially if you're working on a big piece of work that relies on a lot of references. Reference management software lets you keep track of what you've found: you can group and organise your references, keep notes, and store pdfs online for easy access. You can even automatically cite your references as you write up your work. 

For help with these tools, please contact

Online learning tools

You may use various other tools as part of studying online. Find out more and get some useful tips on our dedicated guide:

IT tools

General IT tools

Are you lacking confidence with computers and all things IT-related? Or are you new to the university and struggling to get your head around how we do things at York? We've created these web pages in order to answer key questions you might have about IT but we also hope they encourage you to try out things that you might not have used before.

Google Workspace

All staff and students at the University of York have access to Google Workspace through their university account. It includes Google Mail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive, which is cloud-based storage that includes a number of apps that can be used to create documents, websites, and more.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a very common package of applications that can be used for various tasks including text processing (Word), working with data (Excel and Access), and creating presentations and posters (PowerPoint).

For help with these tools, please contact

If you need any materials in an alternative format, or if you have issues or queries after reviewing these guides, please contact the relevant team. You can find these contact details on the Home page.