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Learning Technology - Practical Guide

Submitting Assignments on the VLE

Available resources to assist with students during their time at University.

Submitting assignments on Yorkshare

Written assignments like essays and reports are often submitted on the VLE.

Submission points are found either in a specific module VLE site or in a special assessments site for all modules on your course.

  • Find out where the submission point is far in advance of the deadline.
  • Don't submit assignments on a mobile device.
  • Read the guidelines carefully - check the deadline, file type requirements and other information so you know what you need to do.

Getting started with submitting assignments on the VLE

Key information

Troubleshooting problems

Type A Submission point ('Standard Assignment')

Type A submission points are usually used for formative work so you can get feedback to help you complete an assignment (e.g., essay drafts, or a project proposal).

These submission types are usually non-anonymous (although they can be anonymous).

Type B Submission point ('Anonymous Assignment')

Almost always used for summative work (e.g., your final essay or project).

These submission types are always anonymous - you must use your exam number ('Y number') instead of your name.

How to anonymise your work

For anonymous submissions, you need to make sure your name doesn't appear in the document:

  • Use your exam number ('Y number') in the file name. 
  • Don't include your name or identifying information in the document itself (e.g., in the footer or acknowledgements).
  • Make sure your name isn't the author of the document - see the guides below for how to do this.