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Accessibility tips: video and audio

Available resources to assist with students during their time at University.

Accessibility tips: video and audio

As part of learning online, you'll probably have some video and audio content in your modules. You might use:

  • Replay/Panopto videos for lecture and other module content
  • Blackboard Collaborate webinar/seminar recordings
  • third party recordings like YouTube or TedTalk videos
  • podcasts or other audio recordings

This section has some general tips to help you use video and audio content in your own way - make the video slower, or turn on the captions for example.

If you have a disability or long-term health condition that has an impact on your ability to study with video or audio resources, get in touch with Disability Services [Webpage] for more guidance and to arrange support.

Watch videos in a way that works for you

Tips for using Replay (Panopto)

Replay is the main way that tutors create video content for your modules, so you'll see a lot of these videos. Panopto is the software that plays these videos. Recordings may be available through a module's VLE site and/or through a link.

You can adjust the volume, speed and captions using the playback controls, and also navigate using a keyboard or screen reader. You'll have a bit more control if you open the video in the Panopto player instead of viewing directly on the VLE.

You can also search for information within videos, and bookmark information to make it easier to find again.

For more information, see our dedicated Replay/Panopto guide:


Video content for your modules may also be provided on YouTube - you can also control the volume, speed and turn captions on and off.

Adjusting video playback settings in YouTube [Panopto video]

Using Blackboard Collaborate recordings

Blackboard Collaborate is a video conferencing tool that might be used for real-time sessions in your modules.

If recordings are available, they'll include the audio and screen from the main room and the Everyone chat channel. Nothing is recorded from breakout rooms.

For details of how to access recordings and adjust playback, see our dedicated guide:

Creating your own transcriptions

For lecture or module video/audio materials, captions or a written summary should be available.

For seminar recordings, a written summary should be provided.

If you do want to create your own transcript or live captions, here's advice on some of the options available: