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Learning Technology - Practical Guide


Available resources to assist with students during their time at University.

Replay (Panopto)

This section contains everything you need to get started with Replay/Panopto.

What is Replay/Panopto?

Replay is the main way that tutors create video content for your modules - this might be lecture recordings, demonstrations, feedback on sessions or other useful content.

Panopto is the software that plays these videos (usually through a module's VLE site). It has features to help you study effectively, like notes, bookmarks and searches.

Top tip! Use the right browser - we recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
If you're using Chrome v86 (or newer), you'll need to enable cookies [Google Doc]

Use the drop down menu under Replay/Panopto at the top of the page for an introduction to the most important aspects of using the Replay/Panopto service or use the links below to move between pages.

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