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Using YorSearch

YorSearch is the place to look for books, journals, and other materials held by the Library.

Getting to grips with YorSearch

YorSearch Quiz

You will need to use the library catalogue, YorSearch, to find books and other resources to support your academic studies.

The link below will open YorSearch in another tab or window of your browser. Use YorSearch to answer the questions that follow.

Click on the blue box that corresponds to the right answer for each of the following questions. Select the arrow below for the first question:

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Using the catalogue to look up the location of a book

The easiest way to find a known book in YorSearch is to search for the author's surname and a few distinctive words from the title.

Question 1
What is the shelf location of "Funology: from usability to enjoyment" by Mark A. Blythe?

A 70 SMI
B 9.2 BLY
MA 102.71 COM

Question 2
Is the book "A theory of fun for game design" by Ralph Koster available electronically?


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Using the catalogue to access a journal

Journals are indexed in the YorSearch Library catalogue, but journal articles are not (though some are indexed in the Search everything tab). To be sure of finding a journal article from a reference, you'll need to find the journal you need and then browse for the article.

See the Accessing eJournals video for more details.

Question 3
Who are the authors of the article titled ‘Blood, sweat, and the influence of others’ in the e-journal Psychology of Sport and Exercise, volume 15, issue 5, September 2014, pp. 491-497?

Nicola Clarke
Chris Harwood
Jed Jacobson
Lelan Matthaeus
Carley Priebe
Kevin Spink

Question 4
Do we have electronic access to volume 20 (2005) of the journal Fungal Diversity?


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