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Reference management software

For information about reference management software, see our dedicated Reference Management digital skills guide:

Google Apps

All students and staff accounts at the University of York include access to Google Apps for Education. The University uses Google Mail for email, and Google Drive for online storage. Use the links below to find out more about the range of Google Apps available.

Microsoft Office & Office 365

All University computers carry the Microsoft Office suite, and Office 365 is available free to download for both students and staff.

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Survey tools

At York there are two main survey tools on offer: Google Forms and Qualtrics. Use the tabs below to find out more about each:

Google FormsGoogle Forms is part of the Google Apps for Education suite.

It is great for simple forms and surveys and has the benefit that the survey can be locked down to University of York members as a whole, as well as to specific individuals. 

Responses can be fed in real time to a Google Sheet.

Qualtrics​Qualtrics has far more question types than Google Forms, with advanced options when it comes to structuring and branching your survey. It can also use distribution lists and pull across embedded data from such lists while maintaining anonymous responses.


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