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Maths skills


The Maths Skills Centre is available to all students and staff, providing online resources, one-to-one appointments and workshops to develop skills and competencies related to mathematics and statistics.

Maths Skills Centre: a practical guide to maths & statistics

Visit our Maths Skills Centre Practical Guide to:

  • book 1:1 appointments for maths or statistics advice.
  • explore our workshops on statistics and numerical reasoning.
  • access online resources to check your maths understanding and learn more about key topics.
  • access online resources to help you choose a statistical test and conduct analyses in SPSS, R or STATA.

Maths and stats software

IT Services have a number of software packages for statistical analysis:

Analysing & communicating data

We take an introductory look at some methods of data analysis and communication. We explain the different analyses that spreadsheets, statistical software and qualitative data analysis software can help with, and we investigate some of the principles and practice of data visualisation.

Forthcoming training sessions

Forthcoming sessions on :

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