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Maths Skills Centre: a practical guide to maths & statistics


Maths Guide

Resources and practice tests to develop your maths skills

Practice and Develop your Skills

Learn about a specific topic, complete tasks, and work through sections to improve your knowledge and skills.

Reference and deeper practice

These resources are more useful as reference materials or for studying a topic in depth.

Digital Tools

Check your Skills

Use these short diagnostic tests to check your understanding or as a refresher on key maths skills required for the Maths modules in Economics and PPE courses.

If you get less than 60% in the tests, consider booking a maths appointment for advice and resources to supplement your skills.


For guidance and review, see section 1 Basic Algebra on the HELM Workbooks.

Indices and powers

For guidance and review, see section 1.2 Indices (within Basic Algebra) on the HELM Workbooks.


For guidance and review, see section 1.4 Arithmetic of Algebraic fractions (within Basic Algebra) on the HELM Workbooks.

Maths Resilience

Maths Refresher

Do you need a quick refresher on particular math concepts, or perhaps you've forgotten some math you learned at school? Below are some resources that we recommend for refreshing your memory.