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Maths Skills Centre: a practical guide to maths & statistics

1-1 Appointments

1-1 Appointments

Whether you're wrestling with complex mathematical equations or seeking clarity on statistical concepts, our dedicated tutors are here to give advice in 1:1 appointments.

Maths Appointments

Book one of our 1:1 appointments to discuss specific questions, topics or issues you have about maths or numerical reasoning for employability.


Book an appointment below:

Statistics Appointments

Book an appointment to receive personalised advice on statistical concepts, quantitative analysis, or how to use various statistical software (SPSS, R, STATA).


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Assessed Work

We are unable to provide specific advice on work that will be formally assessed, such as dissertations, research projects, or any type of assignments.

During our meetings, we will focus on helping you develop the skills to address your concerns on your own by pointing you towards various helpful resources and instructional materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many appointments can I have?

There is generally one appointment per week. After a discussion with a tutor, more frequent or repeat appointments can be arranged.

Q. Will I always see the same tutor?

You are not guaranteed to see the same tutor. At the end of every appointment, our tutors write a short review of the covered content so that if a different tutor runs the next appointment, they will have some context. We do arrange appointments with the same tutor for repeat appointments.

Q. Will my department or supervisor know if I have an appointment?

No, the Maths Skills Centre is separate from the departments.

Q. Who can make an appointment?

Anyone within the University of York community can make an appointment.

Q. How soon can I get an appointment?

Appointment availability is listed up to four weeks in advance. If you are looking at the available appointments and there isn’t a time that works for you, please email the Maths Skills Centre ( and we will do our best to arrange an appointment at a time that works for you. 

Q. What is the difference between maths and statistics appointments?

Maths appointments cover calculations and concepts. This means that statistical theory is best discussed in a maths appointment.

Statistics appointments cover quantitative data analysis and how to use statistical software. If you are unsure if your questions would be better suited to a maths to statistics appointment, please email us, and we can discuss which would be more appropriate.

Q. I am using different statistical software from SPSS, STATA or RStudio. Can I book an appointment?

Yes. Our tutors will try their best to find appropriate resources and work through your query with you, even if they are less experienced with the software you are using.

Q. Can I ask questions on downloading SPSS/STATA/RStudio, etc., or if I am having technical difficulties?

Although our tutors are experienced with using statistical software, we are not IT specialists. If you are experiencing technical difficulties, you should contact IT support.

What to Expect in an Appointment

A 1:1 appointment aims to provide advice and resources on any questions or topics you have.

Before your appointment, compile any questions or examples you would like to discuss in the session. 

For those joining us virtually, please share your questions with us via email ( or share your screen during the session. If using a dataset, have it ready in your chosen statistical software.

Feedback From Students

"I had a really useful and enlightening conversation about the statistics topic at hand during my appointment."

"[The tutor] was so friendly and sweet and I was so anxious about going into the session but felt so calmed by them."

"I soooo wish I'd accessed this resource before now. I can see myself utilising it more, and promoting it to fellow students."

"Thank you for this service, you saved my time!"

How to Join an online appointment

Online 1:1 appointments take place via Zoom. Here's a quick guide on how to attend using Zoom:

  1. Log Out of Personal Zoom Accounts:
    • Before joining, log out of any personal Zoom accounts you use
  2. Login with Your University Account:
    • Go to the UoY Zoom login page.
    • Select "Sign in / configure your account." This will take you to your normal York login. 
  3. Enter Your University Credentials:
    • Type in your UoY username (e.g., abc1234) and password
  4. Join the appointment: 
    • Once you have logged into Zoom using your University of York account, click on the appointment link provided.

Need Help Logging In?

  • For detailed instructions on using your University account with Zoom, visit the IT Services webpage.