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See Yourself on the Shelf

A collection of reading lists on a range of equality and diversity themes.

See Yourself on the Shelf

Protesters hold signs at a trans rights protest. Text reads Let Them Speak: Platforming Transgender Voices.

Unveiling Eastern Europe: Narratives, Politics and Cultural Expressions

What’s it all about?

This is an opportunity for students of the University of York to work with the Library as interns. We want to celebrate the diversity of our student population through our library collections. As the See Yourself on the Shelf Student Curator you will use your passion and creativity to highlight areas of our collections that promote diversity and inclusion. You will also be able to add new content to these collections to expand these themes on our shelves.

Your curation will be made available online and via physical displays in the library, giving you the opportunity to showcase why you’ve chosen those particular titles and materials.

Book shelves in the Library

Stairs leading to the Morrell

What’s in it for you?

You will have the opportunity to use your writing and researching skills, work with a small budget to purchase new content, and apply your creative mind in designing displays to promote the collection. You will be supported by a team of library staff, so you will gain great teamwork skills.

As the curator you will be the expert on the subject and lead the work, making this project an excellent opportunity to bring your leadership skills to the forefront.

Ultimately you will influence what we have in the library, and together we will be able to promote to students and staff the collections which are most important to you.

What next?

It is essential that you are passionate about your topic and about promoting this to others. You will need to put your research skills into practice and explore our collections, spending time searching for content we already have access to as well as looking for new content. You will have the opportunity to promote your work via our social media, by writing a blog and through setting up displays showcasing the collections.

If you have any questions regarding the student curator project please contact the library at 


'See Yourself on the Shelf' used with permission from the University of Kent.