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Digital Creativity

What is digital creativity?

Digital creativity is about using digital tools and technologies to explore creative ideas and new ways of displaying your ideas, research, or work.

For more on the concept and a summary of what we've done around it, see our Digital Creativity blog post.

Where can I get started?

If you can't wait for one of our Digital Creativity training sessions or you're looking for extra information, we have a selection of online resources to help using these tools and concepts.

Digital Creativity Tools

Find a range of tools, learning resources, and inspiration on our Digital Creativity Tools site. The site was created for Digital Creativity Week 2019.

Digital Storytelling

How do we tell stories using digital tools?

View full slides on Google Slides

Data visualisation

Need to communicate your data in interesting and creative ways? Want to know the possibilities beyond a list of data and statistics? Here we look at the principles of data visualisation from the spreadsheet to the work of art.


Being able to write code and program a computer is a skill that gets ever more useful in our digitally focused world. There's a wealth of creative opportunities - from creating an app to making art - that can be done with some coding knowledge. We look at different programming languages and how to get started.

Editing images, audio and video

Editing images, sound and video in creative ways is a great way to remix and rework existing material and create exciting digital artefacts. We have guides on how to work with images and audio using digital editing tools.

Digital Creativity Week 2019

For Digital Creativity Week 2019, a group of students came together to learn a range of new tools, explore archival material and data relating to Yorkshire at York Minster Library and the Borthwick Institute for Archives, and create an exhibition around the library. See our Digital Creativity Site for more on what they got up to.

They created a wide range of final outputs that were displayed around the library. See images and interact with some of their work on the final creations page

Digital Creativity Week 2018 project

The video below shows the digital output created by a group of students during our Digital Creativity Week 2018. To find out more, see our Digital Creativity site.

Digital Creativity Week 2018 project video

Digital Creativity Week 2018 students video

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