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Digital Creativity: a Practical Guide

Digital Creativity

A practical guide to getting digitally creative and using digital tools and technologies to explore work, ideas, and research.

Digital Creativity: a Practical Guide

In this guide we'll explore the world of digital creativity. What is digital creativity? What kinds of approaches, technologies, and tools might it entail? And how can you get digitally creative?

This practical guide aims to inspire you think about how to incorporate digital creativity into each stage of your project, work or research.

What is digital creativity?

Digital creativity is about using digital tools and technologies to explore creative ideas, apply different approaches, and find new ways of displaying your work and research.

This could be taking a photo, recording a video or doing something fancy in a presentation. It might mean using digital tools to develop or explore non-digital material or outputs. Or you might decide you want to develop your skills in coding, data visualisation, gaming, or virtual reality.

Artwork is a binary representation of the word CREATIVITY.

How can I be digitally creative?

There are many ways you can be digitally creative within a project or piece of work. This guide takes you through each step - starting with a background to digital creativity at York, before moving to generating ideas, how to collaborate using digital tools, new approaches to working with data and finally, creative ways to share your research.

Want to see what people at York are doing?

Let us inspire you with Digital creativity at York from Digital Creativity Week and training opportunities to research at York and the Library labs.

Need to generate some ideas?

We'll explore ideas generation and exploration, thinking about how digital tools can assist your ability to be creative and exploring prompts and exercises for working on your ideas.

Looking for advice on project planning and collaboration?

Digital creativity isn't just about being creative, but also about planning and collaborating using digital tools and approaches to help you get things done.

Not sure how to find material or work with data?

Find out how you can be digitally creative when it comes to gathering, sourcing, and working with data.

Interested in dissemination and public engagement?

There's different ways to share your research or projects - we'll take a look at examples from York and beyond and consider how digital tools can help you disseminate your work in creative ways.

Want to make physical things?

Sometimes digital creativity is only part of the process - turning digital into physical can open up new opportunities for creativity and engagement.

Which tools could I use for digital creativity?

We've put together a number of guides to introduce you to a range of different digital creativity tools (though this is by no means an exhaustive list). If you're not sure which to explore, you could learn about how to choose tools and methods.

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