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Welcome to the Subject Guide for CITY College

Welcome to the CITY College, University of York Europe Campus Subject Guide. Whilst a lot of the resources you need will be available from the Information & Learning Commons (ILC) in Thessaloniki, CITY College students can also access a range of electronic resources from the University of York. These will help to support your studies and enhance your academic experience.

This subject guide brings together all of the additional resources and services available to CITY College students via the University of York Library, as well as our Skills Guides and online training resources which can help you develop your information and digital skills.

CITY College students are welcome to search YorSearch, the University of York library catalogue, but note that you may not be able to access all resources. CITY College students are unable to login to YorSearch.

Getting help

Academic Liaison team at the University of York

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Contact the Academic Liaison team if you need help using University of York electronic resources.

Library Team at the Information & Learning Commons (ILC), CITY College
 Contact the library staff at ILC, your main contact point, if you need help finding information and accessing a wide range of resources available to you by CITY College, University of York Europe Campus library.

CITY College library staff


The resources available to CITY College students are listed below. Each resource is tagged with the relevant subject areas. You will need to use your University of York username and password to access the resources.

Ejournal collections
Ebook collections
Other databases and resources

Further help and skills support