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The Library holds many resources that students and staff may find useful in their life beyond their academic work. The following list aims to showcase the range of materials available. The items on the lists have been selected because they are aimed at individuals who are experiencing the theme in question, rather than studying it as an academic topic. Further resources on these themes can be found by searching YorSearch

The Library takes no responsibility for the content of these resources, and we recommend that individuals always seek professional guidance when in need of support. The University's Advice A-Z contains links to in-house and professional services that can offer tailored support for students and staff across a wide range of areas.  

The reading list below is available to anyone, but please note that links to e-resources are only available to students and staff at the University of York. You can also access the list on a separate webpage. If the reading list does not load please try opening this page in a different web browser. If you are using Safari please note the further instructions at the bottom of this page.

Instructions for Safari users

Safari might be blocking the reading list from loading. If you don't see the list on this page, open the Safari privacy settings: Safari > Preferences > Privacy. Untick the box marked 'Prevent cross-site tracking'. The reading list should now load correctly (you might need to refresh the page).