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Supporting You Within Our Buildings

The Library Living Room

Montage of images of the Library Living Room space

The Library Living Room is located on the 2nd floor of the Fairhurst Building and is a green oasis, designed to offer you a complete break from your work or studies. We encourage you to switch off your devices, pull up a cushion, and take a moment to relax.

Within the space you will find a range of browsable books, board games, Lego and craft materials to enjoy alone or with friends. Please help us to look after these resources by keeping them in this area, and ensure that any you use are put away tidily when you leave.

Please be considerate of other users of the Living Room and help us to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere for all to enjoy.

Here to Support You

The Library's online Chat Service is here to help you, whenever you need it. 

You can also speak to us in person at the Library Help Desk, or catch a member of our Customer Services team as they go past, on one of their regular patrols of the building.

Finding the Perfect Study Space

We all have our preferred ways of working, whether alone, with a study buddy, or as part of a larger group. The Library has a wide range of study spaces to suite everyone's tastes. We recommend that you book your favourite spot in advance, to ensure that you have it when you need it. For full details of the spaces available please see our Study Spaces page.

Food & Drink

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If you are working in the Library for an extended period of time it's important that you take regular breaks and stay properly hydrated. You can have hot/cold drinks and unheated food within the Fairhurst & the Morrell. There are a number of different refreshment options available to you within the Library buildings: 

Fairhurst Kitchen: Located on the 1st floor of the Fairhurst the kitchen has a hot water dispenser which you are welcome to use when making hot drinks

Library Cafe: Located to your left as you come in the main Library entrance, the Library Café serves Costa coffee, cakes and all day breakfast items. After the cafe closes you can still access this area as a break space. There are vending machines as well as filtered water available if you need a night-time pick me up.

Vending Machines: There are vending machines located throughout the Library, specifically on the ground and 1st floor of the Fairhurst, the ground floor of the Morrell (within the Morrell Lounge), and within the Library Cafe. The machines accept cash or contactless payments.

Water Stations: Filtered water dispensers are located throughout our buildings. You can find them in the Morrell lobby, 1st, and 2nd floors; Fairhurst ground floor and 1st floor (near the toilets), in the Burton reading room, and in the Library Cafe.

Eating outdoors: There are many lovely places around campus suitable for picnicking. Closest to the Library are the picnic tables on the Fairhurst Lawn. There is also plenty of space to spread out for those who prefer to bring a picnic rug.


The Library holds a collection of laptops that students can borrow for varying periods to support their studies. For full details please see our laptop loans page.

Image of a person using a laptop

Electric Piano

Missing your piano? You may not realise that the Library has a Roland electronic piano located within the John Paynter Music Library, on the ground floor of the Fairhurst. You are welcome to use this instrument but headphones must always be worn, and no singing please! 

Image of a piano keyboard