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Reference Management: a Practical Guide

Reference Management

This is a practical guide to help you organise your citations and papers using reference management software.

Reference Management: a Practical Guide

Reference management applications allow you collect, organise, and cite material in your work, providing a useful way to keep track of your reading. This practical guide looks at the key processes and features of the reference managers available at the University of York.


How to use this guide

This guide has been designed so you can work through it like an online workbook. Wherever you see a box with the pencil icon, you'll find suggested exercises to complete once you've read over the content on the page. Use the menu at the top of the page (or buttons at the bottom) to navigate between the different pages.

Each page covers general information as well as specific guides for each of the three main applications supported at York.

We recommend you start with the Introduction.

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Reference management training session

We regularly run a Reference Management training session, which covers the key principles of all of the four areas of reference management and discusses the different applications supported at the University of York.

Below are the slides for the session, and a recording of a virtual run of the session. To support these materials, we recommend working through this practical guide and doing the suggested exercises on each page.

Full Reference Management slides on Google Slides