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Reading Lists: a Practical Guide


Rollover - Essential Information

What's changed?

We will be managing the rollover process for all lists i.e. lecturers don’t have to go in and rollover each list like they did in EARL.


Following the VLE rollover (approx 9th-18th July)

Which lists? 

Modules running this academic year (2017/18) and the list status is ‘published’

Any exceptions?

Modules that don’t run every year or didn’t run last year - please contact us and we can get them set up for you (

What happens to my old lists?

Old lists will still be attached to last year’s module but you won’t be able to edit them anymore. This means that they will still be available for anyone with access to the module which is in line with the VLE module archiving policy.

Rollover - FAQs

I am taking over a module this year, how do I get editing rights?
Is the list visible to students straight away?
You've digitised chapters and articles for my old list. Do I need to do anything with them this year?
Will I still have editing rights to my old lists?
What happens to all of the tags that I assigned and the public notes?
What happens to the student's discussion from the old lists?