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Reading Lists: a Practical Guide


Reading Lists: a guide for staff

This guide is designed to help you use the Reading Lists system which helps provide course reading to students.

Explore the options below and use the contact options to get in touch if you'd like further help.

Introduction Illustrated by an icon depicting books on a shelf
Introduction to Reading Lists
What the system does and how it provides course reading to students
Get started - Illustrated by an icon depicting a check box that has been ticked
6 easy steps to get started
If you’re brand new to Reading Lists this page will get you set up
Manage your existing lists - illustrated by an icon depicting a crossed spanner and screwdriver
Manage your existing lists
For staff who already have lists and want some tips on managing them
Frequently Asked Questions - Illustrated by an icon depicting a traffic light
The full, searchable list of Frequently Asked Questions
 Hull York Medical School logo
Advice for HYMS staff

Icon depicting an envelope to indicate a messageIf you're making big changes, send your lists to us using our online submission form and we'll create them for you.

Icon depicting a lifebelt to indicate helpFor technical questions about using the Reading List system, get in touch using

Icon depicting a lifebelt to indicate helpFor questions about resources or the library collections, contact your Academic Liaison Librarian.