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Reading Lists: a Practical Guide

Reading for print impaired students

Reading for print impaired students

Students with a print impairment, or another condition that might affect their reading, often require their reading to be digitised so that their screen reading software can read the texts. If you have a student with a print impairment taking your module, you will need to ensure that we know which readings they need so that we can provide them with an accessible copy. In most cases this is 3 items per week although it will vary according to the individual student’s needs. Please check with the student if you are in any doubt.

You will need to identify the individual items in your reading lists using the tag ‘Accessible format request’ which will alert us to the items that need scanning. There are instructions on how to do this below. One of the main benefits of this change is that you will no longer need to provide the Library with a separate list. The tags will only be visible to list editors and Library staff and no students on your module will be able to view them.

If you've never had a reading list for the module then you can use our online submission form to send it to us and we will create the list for you. Any questions about this process should be sent to 

How to add the 'Accessible format request' tag

This is exactly the same as adding an ‘Essential’ or ‘Digitisation’ tag and you can find the full instructions on the 'Add items' page

For each item you want to recommend click on the edit symbol :

Then select the tag ‘Accessible format request’:

Then select ‘save’. Remember that only list editors and Library staff will be able to see the tags.

Accessible format requests - FAQs

How should we tell you which chapters or pages need scanning?
What should I do if I only want to recommend 3 chapters of a book for scanning but I don’t want the whole class to see this?
I've got a PDF of the reading I can share with the student or there’s an ebook available in the Library, so why do I still need to tag the item to let you know?
I have already specified a chapter or pages needed in the citation, do I need to tell you again about this?
Are there any copyright restrictions that I need to be aware of?
I’ve found out at last minute that I need to do this, how quickly will you be able to do the scanning?
What other services do you offer students with a disability?