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Reading Lists: a Practical Guide


When to publish your list

If your list is in draft mode it won't be visible to anyone apart from other list collaborators. Your list needs to be set to published in order to be visible to anyone enrolled on the VLE module. Please remember to publish your list by the time the module starts running.

Publish your list

To publish a list, click on the Reading List options menu () in My Lists or from within a list and select Publish.

When you select Publish you will have three different options available:

  • Module students, i.e. anyone enrolled on your module. This is the default option
  • All students at the institution, i.e. anyone studying at York. This might be useful for students considering module choices for their next academic year.
  • Anyone, i.e. publicly visible. Select this if you would like anyone to be able to access your list, for example by sharing a permalink. Remember that access to Library eresources and digitised reading will be restricted to University of York users only.

Once you have clicked Confirm, the list status will change to Published and the Library will double check your list to ensure that items are available and have been digitised or moved to the Key Texts collections as requested. 

You can unpublish your list if you no longer want it to be visible to students. Just click on the menu option again and choose Unpublish.

Student preview mode

You can view the list as your students will see it.

Click on the Reading list options menu:


Then select 'View list as a student'.

When you are finished, click on the cross on the blue 'Student view mode' banner at the bottom of the screen to return to your normal view.

Export your lists

You can export list by clicking the Reading List options menu () in My Lists or from within a list, then selecting Export

Several file formats are available:

  • To .lgn file is for users who wish to recreate their lists at another institution (see Migrate a list).
  • To Word exports the list in .doc format and offers users a choice of bibliographic styles
  • To PDF exports the list in .pdf format.
  • To Excel exports the list in .xls format.
  • To RIS file exports the list in .ris format, which can be imported to another list or reference manager software (see Adding items from your reference manager).

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You can also print lists from the Reading List options menu.