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Medicine (HYMS)


Finding Resources

As a Medical student, you are expected to find and use high quality literature. You'll need to use a range of different sources and demonstrate your ability to find good results in order to impress your tutors and to develop your research skills.

Reading lists

Reading Lists contain the required reading for your course and can be found via HYMS Blackboard.

Systematic reviews


Covidence is an online software tool designed to streamline the process of conducting a systematic review (or a similarly detailed literature review such as a meta-analysis).

You can use Covidence to collaborate with a team of reviewers to screen results (at both title/abstract and full text stages), complete data extraction and work on risk of bias.

More information can be found on our Systematic Reviews: a Practical Guide.

Can't find what you need

Use our FREE Inter-library loan service to obtain copies of journal articles from another library. 

Visit the British Library Document Supply Centre at Boston Spa.  A free minibus runs once a week from the York campus to Boston Spa.

Use Library Hub Discover to search across UK libraries to see who holds the material you need. It might be possible to visit in person using the SCONUL Access scheme.

Contact the HYMS librarians at to see if we can help.


To start a more detailed search for articles and other research evidence, you'll need to use online databases. These are collections of resources that allow you to search for articles from hundreds of different journals at the same time.

Key databases

The Cochrane Library  i ?
Medline via York i ?
Clinical  i
EMBASE via York i ?
BMJ Best Practice via Hull i ?

Further evidence based medicine resources

Electronic information sources at Hull  via Hull i
Electronic information sources at York  via York i
NHS Athens Resources (inc. BNF/C) via NHS Athens i
Trip Available on the web i
Best Evidence Available on the web i
Epistemonikos Available on the web i
Health Management Information Consortium (HMIC) (Ovid) via York i
KSR Evidence (Ovid) via York i

Multi-disciplinary sources

Scopus  via Hull via York i ?
Web of Science  via Hull via York i ?
Google Scholar    ?

Image, tutorial and video resources

Acland's anatomy via Hull i
Box of Broadcasts via Hull and York i
Complete Anatomy  i
JISC Media Plus via Hull i
JoVE via Hull i
Tutorials and Simulators  i
Virtual Slidebox for histology  i
Wellcome Images  i