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Systematic Reviews: a Practical Guide


What is Covidence?

Covidence is an online software tool designed to streamline the process of conducting a systematic review (or a similarly detailed literature review such as a meta-analysis).

You can use Covidence to collaborate with a team of reviewers to screen results (at both title/abstract and full text stages), complete data extraction and work on risk of bias.

Watch the video on the right from Covidence for an introduction to the system.

Accessing Covidence

At the University of York we have an institutional licence for Covidence, enabling you to create unlimited reviews within the system. Read our joining instructions to create your account or to link your existing free account to the University of York licence. Please note the important information about creating and maintaining your account.

Support with Covidence

Support to use the system is largely provided by Covidence themselves, who maintain a detailed Knowledge Base with lots of useful guidance. This includes a number of video tutorials to guide you through the main features of the system.

They also run regular webinars providing an overview of the system, or you can email them for advice at Follow the Covidence blog to read updates about the system and articles on how to use it.

For questions about the University of York licence and access to Covidence, please email Please note, however, that we are unable to provide detailed support and guidance to use the system. For support with conducting systematic reviews or literature searching in general, please contact your department's Academic Liaison Librarian. Find their contact details on the Library Subject Guide for your department.