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Data: a Practical Guide

Core resources

Final prototype for the Data practical guide.

Core resources

There are many databases that specialise in making data available and searchable. Often these are produced by the people who gather the data, and the date included in each will depend on what is of interest to the organisation(s) that have gathered it.

The Datasets and statistics section of our E-resources Guide indexes the core data and stats resources available to members of the University:

Here's a summary list of these core resources, many of which the University pays for. There's more information on the E-resources Guide itself. You may need to log in with your University username and password to access some of these sources:

Across the pages of this guide we've curated some other free sources that may be useful. For the most part these aren't resources the University has paid for; they're just things that are out there on the internet. You should therefore think critically about the sources and judge their worth accordingly: