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Reading Lists: a Practical Guide


Summer rollover information


This page contains information about the rollover of lists taking place in the summer (mid-July 2019). 

You can sign up to one of our Reading Lists workshops here

1 What is rollover?

Like the VLE, each summer we have a couple of days where Reading Lists is updated and we make it ready for the following academic year. New copies of existing lists will be created and matched up with the modules running in the 2019/20 academic year.

2 Key dates


It will take place after the VLE’s summer upgrade which is expected to have taken place by 9th/10th July. You will not be able to access Reading Lists until both the VLE update and our rollover have taken place.

Updating Autumn term lists

It's useful for us to know as soon as possible about changes to your list - that way we can purchase new materials and digitise chapters that you need in advance of the new term. If you are able to update your rolled-over list by Monday 5th August we will do this by the beginning of term. If you submit any list changes after this date we will still do our best to get materials ready for the beginning of term.

If you have a new module or you're making substantial changes to your list, send your reading list via our online submission form and we'll create it for you in the system.

3 What will happen to my old lists?

After rollover the new copy of your list will be available for you to edit. Your old list will still be attached to last year’s module in line with the University’s VLE archiving policy.

4 What will happen to tags, notes, scanned reading etc?

These will be copied over to your new list and available for you to use/edit as needed. Student discussion notes will not be copied over.

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