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Play Your Way Into Production's Educational Resource Package



Play Your Way Into Production (PYWIP) is an educational game by One to One Development Trust in collaboration with The Screen Industries Network (SIGN), which gives players an insight into the screen industry, and the opportunity to explore a TV set to find out more about how things work. Throughout the course of a day on set, players encounter varied scenarios, meet the members of the crew and have to complete a number of tasks. We have developed this Educational Resource Package (ERP) to support further reflection and understanding around the skills and competencies highlighted in the game. 

About PYWIP's Modules

The Educational Resource Pack (ERP) includes 11 individual learning modules, with each suggested module activity lasting approximately 50 minutes to complete. The learning modules are primarily designed to be of use in Further and Higher Education settings for groups of up to 30 students, but can also be used by independent learners. The modules are specifically designed to be used in any order, and in any combination.

The full ERP is available to view online and download in PDF!

This Educational Resource Package gives players of PYWIP the chance to expand their reflection on and understanding of competencies and practices that were represented throughout the game;  these are often called “soft skills” and are  key for individuals’ professional and personal development.

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Assertiveness is the communication skill that involves expressing your thoughts, needs, and opinions confidently and respectfully. Being assertive enables you to  navigate the collaborative and creative aspects of the industry effectively, ensuring that members of your team can communicate and advocate for their ideas, contribute creatively and meaningfully to projects. During conflict resolution, assertiveness is key to address concerns confidently and without compromising your professionalism.

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Being a game changer goes beyond holding a position of authority; you do not have to be the CEO of a company or the director of a production to demonstrate or showcase leadership. Leading is about gaining the trust and respect of others and inspiring them to work together towards a shared goal.

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In today's dynamic and fast-paced screen industries, successful collaboration and effective teamwork are essential components for creating compelling and high-quality content. This module is designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary to thrive in collaborative environments within the film, television, and digital media sectors.

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In the context of the Screen Industries, community empowerment refers to the actions and attitudes that help create an environment where individuals of diverse identities are welcome, involved, integrated and able to develop. In a truly inclusive environment, all individuals can safely and enthusiastically engage in the production process, from decision-making to final Film and TV postproduction stages. Building an inclusive working environment ensures that the industry reflects the richness of society and provides equal opportunities for all its members, both in front of and behind the camera. Not only do inclusive practices contribute to healthier, and safer workplace environments and relationships, but they also reflect in the quality and fair representation of the stories on screen.

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Effective communication in the context of the Screen Industries is the skill of conveying information, ideas, and creative visions clearly and persuasively among the various stakeholders involved in film and television production. It goes beyond verbal expression to encompass visual storytelling, collaboration, and understanding the unique language of the industry.

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Within the Screen Industries, informed decision-making involves reflecting and choosing the optimal path among many alternatives to meet specific creative and production objectives. In this dynamic field, where time and resources are critical, making pragmatic choices is often crucial for successful outcomes.

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In any industry, the most brilliant, ground-breaking ideas emerge from tuning our minds to the same frequency and working collectively towards a shared goal or vision. The field of Film and TV Production is particularly busy and fast paced, so it is not uncommon to find yourself feeling left behind, especially as an early career professional. It is natural to become disheartened and lose motivation when more experienced colleagues seem to have their work together, just doing their thing.

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Beyond understanding your creative processes and communication styles, self-awareness equips professionals to navigate the industry's challenges with resilience and emotional intelligence. Recognising personal limits facilitates work-life balance, which is crucial in an environment with such demanding schedules. In the face of rejections and critiques, self-awareness becomes a shield, ensuring that individuals manage stress while staying committed to their values.

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As climate concerns continue to escalate, the role of the screen industries in contributing to sustainable practices becomes increasingly significant. Addressing the relationship between climate change and the carbon footprint of our activities is essential for mitigating environmental impact, fostering industry-wide sustainability, and making the most of the influential platform of storytelling to raise collective awareness and drive positive change within the community.

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In the industry, it is of vital importance to define realistic, achievable goals as well as ways to adapt and tackle challenges to stay on track until the successful completion of a production. Likewise, workers' rights in the Film and TV industries differ across countries, hence professionals have a duty to stay up to date on national and international laws and regulations on an ad hoc basis, depending on where and how they're based.

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About this Educational Resource Package

The Educational Resource Package includes:

A brief overview of the characters encountered in the PYWIP game

A description of some of the game scenarios and the relevant skills and competencies they cover

A tailored ‘professional skills audit’ which learners complete before and after using the resources

Themed learning modules that focus on developing specific competencies which link to the game scenarios


This educational resource package has been built on current research by the Screen Industries Growth Network (SIGN) which investigated the competencies and skills required by new entrants into Film/TV industry, as identified by Screen Industry employers and educators.


There are many terms  that have been traditionally used in the Screen Industry for many decades, and as such their meaning can be hard to determine from their actual linguistic structure.

We know language can be tricky, so we have curated a Glossary of jargon and slang common to the industry to make all those on-set words easier to understand, especially for those who are just getting started or those who use unconventional communication styles.