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Reading Lists: a Practical Guide

Managing lists

How to remove yourself from a list

If you are an instructor or a collaborator on a Reading List and you don't wish to be, you can remove yourself from the list using the instructions below.

*Do not delete the list* otherwise you will delete it for everyone - you need to remove yourself as a collaborator.

On the right hand side of the page select 'Manage Collaborators': 











You can then remove yourself by click on the cross next to your name: 


If you find yourself on a large number of lists we are able to help you with the process of removing yourself from them. Please get in touch with and let us know exactly which modules and lists you would like to remain on and we can work on removing you from the rest. 

Multiple lists for one module

In the past some modules have had multiple reading lists per module. The new improved interface of Reading Lists means that it is better in most instances to now have one list per module. To change the order that the lists appear for your own view when you are working in the system, click on the sort options at the top of the list, where it says 'My lists on top' and choose one of the options.

If you only have a couple of short lists to merge together you may wish to do this yourself:

  • Create a new list - this will become the one main list for your module
  • Work through your separate lists one a time and copy over the lists section by section into the new list. You can do this by clicking on the three dots next to each section heading and choosing 'Copy section', and then choosing which list to copy it into. You can change the section heading at the same time as copying it over.
  • You might find it easier to copy everything into the new list first, and then go into the new list to amend section headings, move sections and items around, etc.
  • Remember to delete your old separate lists when you have finished copying them into the new list.
  • Once you're happy with the new list you will need to associate it with the relevant VLE module.

If you have a large number of lists and are not able to manage this yourself then we are able to provide assistance with merging them into one for you. You will need to provide us with the module information and clear instructions on how you want the new list to be set up. Please get in touch with for help with this.

In what order will my students see the multiple lists?

The default order in which students see multiple reading lists for one module is alphabetical, so if the lists are titled by week number, for example, they will appear in the correct order for students.

Adding collaborators

If you want to allow other people to be able to edit your reading list you can add them as a Collaborator. There are two options available:

  • Editor - can edit the list, but cannot delete the list or add other collaborators.
  • Manager - can add other collaborators to the list, edit and delete items, or delete the entire list.

To add collaborators:

  • Open the reading list
  • In the Collaborators panel on the right-hand side click on Manage collaborators
  • Enter the name or email address of the colleagues you’d like to add as collaborators
  • Click on Send Invitation. This will send an email to your colleague notifying them that they can now edit this list

By default the privilege level for collaborators will be set to Editor. To change this to Manager click on Manage collaborators in the Collaborators tab and change the privilege level of your colleagues using the drop down menu next to their name.