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Reading Lists: a practical guide for HYMS staff


Reading Lists:
a practical guide for HYMS staff 

This guide is designed to help you use the HYMS Reading Lists software which helps provide course reading to HYMS students.

Explore the options below and use the contact options to get in touch if you'd like further help with things.


''I've found the software easy to use and the library/lib-readinglists have been really helpful.''

- Phase 1 Block Lead


During the Coronavirus outbreak there will be changes to the Library that will affect what services and materials students can access.

The Library has developed a set of FAQs specifically in response to this which outline how we can support you.

Introduction to HYMS Reading Lists
What the system does and how it provides course reading to HYMS students
6 easy steps to get started
6 easy steps to get started
If you’re brand new to HYMS Reading Lists this page will get you set up
Manage your existing lists
Manage your existing HYMS lists
For staff who already have lists and want some tips on managing them
The full, searchable list of Frequently Asked Questions

Send us your Reading Lists using our online submission form

Get in touch using or via