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This is your online guide to finding resources for Physics

Choosing the right resources

As a Physics student, you are expected to find and use high quality literature. You'll need to use a range of different sources and demonstrate your ability to find good results in order to impress your tutors and to develop your research skills.


Finding Journals


All journal titles are listed on YorSearch, and can be found by doing a title search.

Click on the journal title to see the library’s print holdings or the View It link to navigate through to the full-text journal online, if available. Electronic access may be offered by more than one link so check which years are available. 

Finding books


Physics books are located in the T and U sections of the third floor of the JB Morrell Library. Many books will also be available online as e-books. Look for the links in YorSearch, under the View It section of each title. 


Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of all subjects but a broad overview of the subject classification and shelf locations.

Accessing Physics Exam papers


Examination papers provided to the Library are available to University of York members via York Digital Library (YODL). Login to YODL before you start searching.

To find exam papers for Physics, select the Browse tab in YODL then select University of York dissertations and exam papers from the list of Collections. Exam papers for the previous 3 years are available.

Finding research papers


To start a more detailed search for research papers, you'll need to use online databases.  These are collections of resources that allow you to search from multiple journals at the same time. 

Online reference sources

In addition to our subscription databases, there are plenty of online reference sources that can provide with useful information to support your research. 

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Societies and other organisations

There are some great societies and organisations that can help you keep up to date with new developments in your area of interest. 

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Finding journals

Search e-journals

Search e-journals