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Welcome to the Centre for Lifelong Learning Subject Guide

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Welcome to the Subject Guide for the Centre for Lifelong Learning

Centre for Lifelong Learning studentsThe Library welcomes and supports all Lifelong Learning students. If you have any questions at all about the Library, whether you're an experienced library user or it's your first time using a university library, please do not hesitate to ask. You can email the Academic Liaison Librarian for Lifelong Learning, or ask any member of staff in the Library. We're all here to help!

To get started using our collections, explore the Find resources page and get help using our Tutorials and guides.

Support for Postgraduate Diploma and Masters programmes

If you are studying one of the Postgraduate Diploma or Masters programmes, see our pages linked below for additional guidance.

Creative Writing
Creative Writing
English Building History
English Building History
Geology of Northern England
Parish Church Studies
Parish Church Studies
Railway Studies
Railway Studies

Access a wider collection of knowledge with Scan and Send

Post boxWe'll always try to get books in an electronic format, even more so when we know students can't always make it to campus to borrow our printed books. Sometimes, though, we can't get an e-book - perhaps the publisher doesn't offer that option, for example.

But don't despair! You can still access the full range of our printed book collections using our Scan and Send service. You can request scans of chapters or articles, as well as postal delivery of books. We'll send the book  to your home address and you can use it as your normally would, then pop it back in the post to us when you're done.

We'll take the return date as the date of postage so you don't need to worry about the time spent in the postal service, but remember that books sent in the post can still be recalled by other Library users.

Using the Library from a distance

The Library provides a lot of support for students who live and work at a distance from campus. See our web page for distance learners for more details and advice.

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