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European Union Law

European Union Law Resources

This page of the Law Subject Guide provides information about European Union (EU) legal materials.

EU Law


Treaties are foundational documents of the European Community. They set out the aims and objectives of the European Community and provide a framework for legislation. Treaties are primary source of EU law.

Community legislation

Community legislation refers to the secondary legislation made by the three law-making institutions in the EU, European Parliament, Council of the European Union and the European Commission. The main sources of secondary legislation are regulations, directives and decisions.

  • Regulations: are of general application and are binding in their entirety to all member states.
  • Directives: are addressed to one or more member states, they are binding to the result to be achieved, but specific implementation is left to member states.
  • Decisions: are addressed to specific individuals, institutions or countries, and are binding in their entirety.

EU Courts and Law

EU law reviews and journals

Institutions and Official Publications

Reference resources

When embarking on a new topic area a good starting point can be background and reference sources. These will enable you to gain an overview of the topic and understand the terminology.

Institutions and committees

Government gazettes

Government Gazettes will often provide the text of primary laws, as well as policies and decisions. Most countries will publish a gazette, but the content will vary widely.