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Survey and gather responses

Survey and gather responses?

Survey tools are useful for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to: gathering information for event planning, research, capturing feedback or for collecting opinions. If you understand what constitutes good data and its intended purpose this will assist you in choosing the right questions to ask, the style of question i.e multiple choice or long answer and what type of validation you should choose.

The Essential Spreadsheets site provides a good starting point for understanding data and spreadsheets, which are excellent tools to manipulate the collected data.

Tools used at York

Survey toolsQualtrics iconGoogle Forms ImageGoogle Sheets icon

The University of York provides two types of survey tools:

Google Forms

  • Great for simple forms and surveys
  • Surveys can be locked down to University of York members as a whole or to specific individuals
  • Responses are gathered in real time into a Google Sheet


  • Has a larger choice of question types than Google Forms
  • Structuring of your survey and branching options more advanced than Google forms
  • Can use distribution lists and pull across embedded data from them while maintaining anonymous responses

The UoY Skills Guides contains guidance on these tools on the Forms and Surveys page.


Case Study

Google Form example