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Create an Action Log for a project

Create an Action Log for a project?

Action logs are a useful tool for logging the actions of a project. This Action Log template can be copied into your My Drive Project folder or Shared drive folder and is useful for small to medium sized projects.

How to use the Action logGoogle Sheets icon

Action log

Inside the Action log template are two sheets. The Outstanding_items sheet is where actions are logged. The actions can be coded and described by the project lead or team members and assigned to the person or team who will be responsible for the achievement of that action. By adding data validation to the Assigned To column you can create lists in a cell containing the assignee's names.

Each action has an input date and a due by date. The status column can be set accordingly to Open, Pending, Cancelled or Complete. Updates can be noted in the Action_update column with the date of the latest update in the adjoining column.

As each action is marked complete, the completed items are removed from Actions_Outstanding to Actions_Completed sheet. Since the Action log is a Google Sheet the owner of the log will have control over the levels of access they permit to the rest of the project team.. For example, the owner may wish to restrict access to,the Code and Description (Action) columns, but allow access to the Update columns.