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How Do I.... (a Practical Guide to Administration tasks)


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How do I?: H - M

Google How Do I Guide

How Do I ..?

This guide is about common administration tasks at the University of York and the tools which are available for you to carry them out successfully. It was created in response to the Teaching and Learning's team's ongoing work with administrators, where a need for a central hub to direct people to available support materials was identified. The University of York is a Google institution so emphasis is placed on the use of the Google Suite of applications, however, where appropriate, other University of York approved applications are referenced.

The Staff Digital Skills Framework

There are a number of Digital Literacy Frameworks for HE and the UK workforce that define the skills needed to be digitally literate. In 2018 teams from Information Services set out to define the digital skills required to work effectively at the University of York when using Google and other University of York approved applications. The result of this work is the Staff digital skills for working practices framework and it has been developed with reference to existing Government and Jisc Frameworks and includes the skills required to work in a Google institution.

The digital skills framework offers a way for people to assess their digital skills. The results can then be used to discover good and more efficient ways of using technology supported by the training and help that the University of York provides.