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Health Sciences


Finding Resources

As a Health Sciences student, you are expected to find and use high quality literature. You'll need to use a range of different sources and demonstrate your ability to find good results in order to impress your tutors and to develop your research skills.


Books can be a great place to start your reading around a topic.

Medicine and Nursing books are located in the Y section on the first floor of the JB Morrell Library. Many books will also be available online as e-books. Look for the links in YorSearch, under the View It section of each book.

Shelf location Subject
Y Medicine and Nursing
Y 0.73 Nursing
Y 4 Public Health
Y 8.2 Midwifery
B Psychology
D Social Sciences
J Law

Additional resources

If you're a member of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) or the Royal College of Midwives (RCM), you also have access to their full range of online resources. Find out more with the links below.

Journals & databases

All journal titles are listed on YorSearch, and can be found by searching the journal title.

If you don't have a specific title in mind, you can browse journals in your subject area on Browzine. Journals are organised by field of research, such as:

The Library provides free access to the Nursing Times website for students in the Department of Health Sciences. This includes access to the monthly magazine as well as additional articles, CPD content and careers information on the website.

To register for an account:

  1. Access the Nursing Times website.
  2. Select 'Login/Register' in the top-right. Click 'Register New Account'.
  3. Enter your University of York email address. You must use this email in order to qualify for free access. Click 'Next'.
  4. Ignore the message about a 1-week trial. Once your account has been registered you will be entitled to full access.
  5. Enter a password for your account. It is advisable to use a different password from your University of York credentials.
  6. Complete the required information on the form and click 'Create an Account'.
  7. On the next screen select your communication preferences and click 'Save'. Your account is now ready!

Health Policy

It's important that you keep up-to-date with changes in health policy and governance.

Clinical skills


To start a more detailed search for articles and other research evidence, you'll need to use online databases. These are collections of resources that allow you to search for articles from hundreds of different journals at the same time.

Key databases

Additional health sciences databases

Other useful resources

Statistics and data

Other useful websites