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Environment and Geography


Welcome to your online guide to finding resources for Environmental Science, Environmental Economics and Ecology, and Environmental Geography

GIS resources

GIS is used for many purposes that range from calculating space, analyzing spatial relationships, patterns or trends to cartography, visualization, and site management. Below are some resources to help you expand your knowledge on the subject and using GIS software.

Advice, support and teaching on using GIS software is provided by academic departments.

If you need help with using map resources, please email us via LibAnswers.


The JISC Digimap service provides access to digital maps and vector mapping data for Great Britain. The service is provided by EDiNA

The University subscribes to:

  • Digimap Ordnance Survey Collection
  • Historic Digimap
  • Geology Digimap
  • Environment Digimap
  • Marine Digimap
  • Aerial Digimap
  • Lidar Digimap

Registration is required to use the service, you will be prompted to register on your first access.

Software Resources

The widely used commercial GIS application ArcGIS is installed in all centrally managed IT classrooms and is available for installation on other managed and unmanaged PCs. This application requires Microsoft Windows.

Programming libraries to support GISc methods are available on the central UNIX service and in some PC environments; the University's academic Oracle service includes the Oracle spatial functionality. Some departments provide access to additional, generally specialised, applications in addition to the central provision.

Map holdings (printed maps)

The JB Morrell Library has complete, current sets of both the Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 Landranger series and the 1:25,000 Explorer series located in the Geography 'N' section of the Library on Floor 1 of the JB Morrell Library.

In addition the JB Morrell Library also holds various map sets covering a range of geographic, geological and thematic areas. A sample of some of the maps held can be seen in the table below. The map collection, along with individual listings, can be found on the ground floor outside Compact Store 2.

Publisher Area covered Scale
Ordnance Survey (OS) County Series, South East section of Yorkshire 1908-1950 1:10,5060
OS County Series, parts of Whitby, New Malton, Driffield, Beverley and Selby. 1890-93 1:500
OS County Series, parts of the East and West Ridings of Yorkshire, 1890-1938. 1:2,500
Institute of Geological Sciences / Ordnance Survey Geological map of the United Kingdom (North) 1:625,000
British Geological Survey (BGS) Geological survey of Great Britain (Scotland). 1:50,000
BGS Geological survey of Great Britain (England & Wales). 1:63,360 and 1:50,000
Isle of Thanet Geological Association Land utilization survey (various areas local to York) 1:25,000
Ordnance Survey Of Ireland Monastic Ireland 1:625,000
York Archaeological Society Yorkshire: ancient parishes and chapelries Not known