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Coding: a Practical Guide



The language employed by Excel and Google Sheets is “the world’s most widely used programming language. Excel formulas are written by an order of magnitude more users than all the C, C++, C#, Java, and Python programmers in the world combined.”


Coding with spreadsheets

It's sort of true... all the ingredients of a coding language can be found in spreadsheets, though some require a little help from their associated scripting environments to be truly effective.

Spreadsheets are rich in functions for data analysis, but they can also interact with web services and can even be made to build stuff that isn't a spreadsheet. The "forthcoming training" boxes on these pages are even powered by a spreadsheet.

We've built a whole guide on spreadsheets, so why not have a play?

Forthcoming training sessions

Forthcoming sessions on :

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There's more training events at:


We've got a whole five-week course on spreadsheets which you can direct yourself through over at our Essential Spreadsheets guide:

We've also got a few sets of building instructions you might want to try:

Doing data analysis?

If you're looking to do data analysis with coding and need some help with what methods you might use, which coding languages to try, or how to get your data into the right format/shape for analysis, see our Analysing Data Skills Guide.