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Welcome to your online guide to finding resources for Biochemistry

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Welcome to the Subject Guide for Biochemistry

Welcome to this Subject Guide, which brings together key resources and information for students and staff in the Department.

Library To-Do List - 3) Ask Us Anything!
There are so many ways to get in touch with us: the most important thing is that you pick one and ask us questions! Don't struggle along wondering how to do something, just tell us what you need to know more about and we'll help any way we can. You can also watch our super-detailed How It All Works video to learn about the buildings, borrowing books, electronic resources and quite a lot more.

Not only that, but our online Skills Guides provide videos, slides, and interactive tutorials to help you develop your information skills, work with data, learn to code, and get creative. We also offer workshops every week throughout term time to help enhance your academic and digital skills - look out for Digital Wednesdays too.  

Remember, no one expects you to know how everything works. Just ask us things! Reach out when you need help. You'll Find our Help Desks in the Morrell or King's Manor, and you can email us, phone, chat, or ask us questions on social media @UoYLibrary


This is number 3 on our Library To-Do List - you can check out the rest of the list on our Information For New Students page.


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