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A practical guide for second-year students

What's new?

What's new?


A round up of changes you may have missed over the past few months. Things continue to change and will likely keep changing as the academic year goes on. We'll be keeping you updated through our webpages and social media channels.

The headlines are:

  • Check into booked study spaces - If you've booked a study space in the library, you'll need to check in within half an hour of your booking start time, or the room will become available to book for other people to use instead. When you book a Study Room you get a confirmation email with a link and a 3 digit code to enter to check in. Find out more about the check in policy in our news article
  • Remember the bookable and non-bookable zones - a reminder that from summer term, we moved to having bookable Study Rooms in the Morrell 2nd floor and Fairhurst 1st floor, but all the rest became first-come, first-served and are not bookable. More information about zoning and the simplified booking, food and noise policies is available here
  • New Look VLE - with 2 factor authentication - There has been a VLE upgrade this summer, moving us to a cloud based system. This means there are a few differences but you can find out more about these in the VLE team's guide to the new system. Other than the new look, the biggest change is that you'll need to use 2 factor authentication to access the VLE - you can find out more from IT services about how to use DUO or other options to set up 2 factor authentication
  • Family Study room - New this autumn is a family study room, designed to be a space where student parents can study with their children. This news article outlines the new space - please get in touch if you'd like to know more or register to use the room. 
  • Two factor authentication - Use of Duo and Google authentication is being rolled out across more university systems to improve our IT security. You should be emailed with details about this as systems you use move to this system but you can also find more guidance both Duo and Google 2 Factor Authentication on our It pages. 
  • Been off campus for a while? - You may need to reconnect your devices to the wifi and may also need to reconnect to the print network if you haven't used this in some time. 

Useful Reminders

Three students working together at a deskAs well as letting you know about any changes, we'd also like to remind you of some things you may have missed! There is a range of study support and guidance available from the library and academic skills community to boost your grades, help with your studies and generally make things easier. The training programme is available under the Useful Skills tab, but don't forget you can book one to one support as well as using the online resources and attending the workshops. You can book a one to one appointment with you academic liaison librarian (contact details are on each subject guide), as well as booking individual support from the Writing Centre, the Maths Skills Centre and in academic skills like study coaching


Getting onto the Wifi

One of the things you'll probably want to do when you get back on campus is hook up to the wifi. It's always a bit of a rigmarole, but we've got various instructions on our web pages:

Bookable books (and other resources)

A 16th Century illustration of a dove

You can come into the Library, browse our collections, and check items out! Or, if you prefer, you can still make use of our Book Takeaway Service.

Library stock is constantly growing, and so are the Borthwick Archives: Borthcat has gained a further 12,143 catalogue entries since last summer. So why not explore the collections?