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Sources of information

Searching for information online

The way we look for our keys is different to the way we look for a holiday. If we want to know what’s on television tonight, we might look in a different place to if we want to order a pizza. All of these tasks, and more, can now be performed online, and all require different approaches if we’re to be sure to get what we’re after. Teaching and Learning Advisor Alison Kaye does the searching:

Credible sources

What makes a reliable source of information, and how might we use such sources in support of an argument? In this session we explore frameworks for evaluating information and determining credibility, and we apply these to a resource with which we are all familiar: Wikipedia. We learn the basics of editing Wikipedia and try to add some much-needed citations by evaluating information from appropriately credible sources.

Sources of information

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Reading Lsts

For each module you take, you will find at least one Reading List.


The Library holds an awful lot of resources, both print and electronic. Find out more about how the Library catalogue, YorSearch, works, and how to get the most out of it.


Internet search engines are a great tool for finding information online. But with so much information out there, how can you make sure you're finding the best stuff?

Academic sources

The Library subscribes to a lot of academic resources that aren't available via Google. We take a look at the types of material available.

Lock down the possible answers to your questions to give yourself something you can count without having to read every single response...

Grey literature

A lot of material isn't published in a conventional way. We dig into this 'grey' literature, and look at how to find it.

Data sources

How can you get hold of data and statistics? We look at the sources available.

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